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Founding Team Members

Patrick Brady - Chief Technical Officer: Mr. Brady is an entrepreneur with a background in Astronomy and Electrical Engineering. He was a member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories before founding a telecommunications software startup, Apropos Technology, Inc., where he served in various roles including CTO and CEO. Apropos completed a successful public offering in 2000. .

James Nelson - Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Nelson is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in building sales, distribution and strategic relationships in startups as well as in fortune 500 companies. Jim brings a depth of experience from building and managing customer service organizations to sales leadership at Apropos Technology, Inc leading to a successful IPO.

Lead Investor

Northwater Capital Management, Inc. - Northwater Intellectual Property Fund LP 3 is managed by Northwater Capital Management Inc., a leading, privately held, investment management company. With offices in Toronto and Chicago, Northwater focuses on investments in intellectual property and intellectual property-rich companies. Northwater provides financing, counsel and connectivity to its portfolio of intellectual property investments to speed their projects to market and to defend their protected space. For more information please see www.northwatercapital.com.